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My Physical Journey
Sunday, 15 January 2006
Week in Review
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Topic: Week in Review
Hi Hi Hi! I am not neglecting my Blog, the weekend came and I got lost doing this and that! Doing some spring cleaning! Trying to figure out the shelf life of baby oil products and stuff like that! LOL

Week one was fabulous. I feel like I am on a good path towards eating differently and also changing my habits. Being aware and staying focused on WILL POWER seems to be the task at hand. The rest well just keep moving. I got on the scale and was 7 pounds less than last week. It really was a nice start. I know a lot of that was water:) That would be cool if you could take that much off every week LOL That is about how fast I seemed to gain it! Hummmm Never did get an logical explanation for that.

I have not really changed my eating patterns too much. I did get the juiceman and also cut out sugar, mostly stuff like cookies and chocolate. Just counting the points and cutting it off after I ate all my points in the day. I also have been talking Zizi for longer walks and start my 5 month clown intensive performance class. Clowning is so physical, it is a great workout.

Sunday I decided I get to have a 60% Dark Chocolate Square (small) as a treat and I do not have to count it! I at first was taking little nibbles, but found it more satisfying to shove the whole thing in my mouth and munch it down fast! LOL

So I go into week two strong and with 100% tank of WILL POWER! Not too many eating challenges this coming week. I will have a few dinners out coming up, but I will know in advance and can plan to eat light morning meals so I can have that garlic bread.

Off to some Peace Vigils on this World Religion Day!

Reiki Love, Peace & Joy!


Posted by cheryldickinson at 3:20 PM PST
Thursday, 12 January 2006
Day Six!
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Topic: Day 6
My SongGreetings! An early afternoon post as I am going to be out clowning around this evening, punt intended!

I was driving into work this morning thinking about how much better I am starting to feel especially after the infusion of Juice the past three days. In fact the thought of having the crackers and sweets that are all over the kitchen here at work or even having some of my favorite "not so desirable foods", does not even sound good to me. I think I have successfully cleansed my system from my old eating habits and diet.

So that is a big notice! I will end today short on that note!

Reiki Love, Peace & Joy!

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Wednesday, 11 January 2006
Day 5
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Topic: Day 5

I am up late! I went to the monthly Pacifica Peace People meeting. They have a pot luck the first hour. I had to prepare for this challenge!!!
I decided to come 30 minutes after the pot luck with cookies. It worked well as the time I came in most people were almost done eating. When asked if I would like anything, I explained I have to eat before 6pm and started a National Challenge to work on my physical form. In a blink of an eye the meeting started! I had water.

I did good today! I was so busy at work I did not go out for a walk at lunch. I will tomorrow and also I will have a moderate physical activity at my Clown performance evening class!

I think I actually came in under my points today which will offset my overage yesterday:) I notice that even though I was disappointed that I ate cheese when I should not have, the fact I could just let go of that mistake and keep on program was self motivating. I can do it! Maybe cliche' but we would never ride a bike if we quick the first time we fell off! Justget back up... wipe off the dirt and get back on that bike! I am a bike, I am a bike, I am a bike rider! We are going all the way!

Off to rest!

Reiki Love, Peace & Joy!


Posted by cheryldickinson at 9:52 PM PST
Tuesday, 10 January 2006
Day Four Door
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Topic: Day 4 Door

Well I call today the day four door. The door opened and some temptations tried to crawl in. I did real well, but I had purchased an organic pre made burrito from Trader Joe's for lunch and I realized it was a 2 serving deal and it put me over the points I wanted (I thought it was one serving). So I did Beet, carrot, parsley, broccoli Juice and apple Juice and an avocado for dinner. I noticed I did not get enough protein so I just had an extra unplanned snack "Cheese". I am not too worried as I had a day or two I came in under the amount of food I planned to eat and I have been doing light exercise every day too!

I have been going for walks at my lunch hour, in fact today I went for a longer walk to the farmers market and got all organic farmed produce (watch out Juicer!!!) LOL Did I mention the beet juice is Fabulous! LOL Yes I joined a Wheat grass Juice and a Juicer group on Yahoo groups LOL! I think juicing is a "Cult"! LOL

I noticed that I have my hardest time for wanting to snack above my regular meals at night. It is clear I need to start planning my largest meals in the evening and make sure I get the protein I need. I need to develop some plans for these night time triggers.

I also noticed that I feel soft from the inside out!!! I am certain it is the use of Alhoe Vera Juice! I have it twice per day. It is so low in Calorie and a great filler for my morning protein drink.

So day four the day of the "Door", not just a letting the urges to crawl in to have that cookie in the office (I passed it by, as I knew what they tasted like anyhow!) The door has opened in my awareness to the things I notice I need to pay attention too! All part of the journey, pay attention, notice and adjust! The Fineattunment!

So that is what today is about and I am trying to get this typed so I can get to bed earlier, I noticed being up late and being tired today made me more vulnerable to giving into things my will would normally pass by!

So on that note, I wish you sweet Dweams (that is how I used to say it on the east coast- Dweams!) and Happy Days!

Reiki Love, Peace & Joy


Posted by cheryldickinson at 9:37 PM PST
Updated: Tuesday, 10 January 2006 9:32 PM PST
Monday, 9 January 2006
My Lucky Three
Mood:  lucky
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Topic: My Lucky 3
Hi there!

My lucky day three had come and gone. I call it lucky simply because 3 is my favorite number! I also feel lucky to have made it through another day of healthy choices!!! Luck I know was only a small factor, it was my will that brought me through. I simple have set my mind to keep on the path of my physical journey and make conscious efforts to achieve this. The change is hard, but welcome and I sort of feel as I make these changes they become like a new game and take me out of my normal box. Even people at work noticed I just popped up and walked out of the office at lunch rather than eat over my desk:)

I did set myself up with a fruit snack in the afternoon and I am sure glad I had that melon. It was refreshing and hit the spot. I did notice as I got home I raced to the kitchen to eat. I should have stopped for a moment. I am not sure I was really hungry or if it was the idea of just eating. I must stop and think of how I am feeling about things to be true to my spirit.

I got a juicer in the mail that I ordered. Oh my will this be fun. I look forward to going to the year round farmers market at the SF Ferry Building to get some organic fruit/veggie tomorrow. The produce is fresh off the farms, organic and way low in price. I hope that juicer is ready. I also find the juicer book recipes and remedies amazing, I wonder if there are some juice clubs on the net:) Most certainly there must be:) So that is exciting. I juiced a cucumber, Apple and Clementine's. The Cucumber juice was fabulous, the rest was great too!

I am also noticing it takes me more time to plan my meals and prepare them. Specially the part about bringing my lunch. I did get several prepared burritos and Pragers California Veggie burgers for quick healthy meals. I only allow myself to go out to lunch now on Fridays. I do eat at where it is always organic and incase I did not mention it I am a vegetarian.

It works out well as I am out late on Thursday and Friday mornings are not my best to run around the kitchen and make healthy choices, I am sleepy. LOL

Okay, I am rambling on past my bed time, I guess it is okay, that is why I got the blog to not just share, but ramble.

I wish whoever maybe reading my Ramble on Day 3......Reiki Love.....Peace and Joy Joy Joy!


Posted by cheryldickinson at 9:39 PM PST
Sunday, 8 January 2006
Day Two - 01/08/05
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Topic: DAY 2
Blessings to all who are here! Welcome to my day two blog!!!

I woke up this morning and headed straight to the coffee pot, but I did not turn it on last night to do the automatic brew. I was getting the coffee ready and feeding the Dog and Cat and I got side tracked measuring and making a protein shake. The Shake was ready before the coffee, so I drank it first, now that is a new one! Well I was surprised to notice that I was not as interested in the coffee after the protein drink. I did indeed drink a cup or two of coffee, but it was a big AH HA!

I did go to Trader Joe's hungry after my Yoga/meditation Sunday group, but I did very very good! I walked by all the stuff I know would be too tempting for me to eat more than one portion. I focused on what meals I wanted to eat and stuck to choosing those foods. It was a challenge to walk by and stay focused in a store like Trader Joes. I noticed that I felt proud of myself when I could walk out of the store knowing all the things I got were good choices!

I continued to clean in the morning after breakfast and before lunch. I was out sweeping the Upper and lower outdoor patios of dirt and dry leaves. One of my Neighbors greeted me and asked me what i was doing? After I told him sweeping up, he commented that I was going to start to use the patios! When I said no, he said why bother!!! LOL I thought that was funny! It felt good to be outside and cleaning up! Nice to look at now too!

AS I read this Day Two Blog, I see my my little baby steps towards a much larger goal.

My Goal is not just to loose weight.. It is to make positive changes to shift my eating habits and life style patterns to healthy ones! On the Journey I expect to loose weight, feel better and finally be healed at all levels Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Physical!!!!

I also notice it is easier for me to stay on track and make the best choices when I get plenty of rest, so I am off to bed now. Sweet Dreams!

Reiki Love, Peace & Joy Joy Joy!


Posted by cheryldickinson at 9:08 PM PST
Saturday, 7 January 2006
Mood:  special
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Topic: Welcome
Greetings! My name is Cheryl Dickinson and I am starting a blog to post to on my journey to obtain a healthy and trim physical body.

Last week my friend Edie invited me to join the Discovery Channel "National Body Challenge". The on line group begins on January 14, 2006 - March 11, 2006. When I received the Email I joined, but my head was not really into thinking about getting on board with a new program. Over the past week, I decided to get on board and started the challenge a little early! I call it my pre-challenge detox.

I know going into this program requires more than changing the volume of food I consume and moving more, to me it requires changes in my routines and activities. Okay yeah that made a lot of sense, LOL.... Let me try and explain myself. For an example, Instead of buying an expensive healthy organic lunch, I am going to save money by taking the time to prepare my own lunch! Instead of sitting at my desk and eating on my ars, I am going to walk around the city at lunch! When I take my Dog Zizi on her walks each morning and night I am going to make them longer! Instead of going to the kitchen and getting a unplanned snack, I am going to clean something in my house! (My house is gonna be spottless!!LOL) See what I mean. Oh I have many many changes here! LOL

Okay today is day one! I am only 4 hours into this. I am not joining an expensive Weight Watchers or gym, but I do have the Weight Watchers point system, so I am following it. I cleaned out the ice box and boiled some organic beets and also some hard boiled eggs. I had 2 hard boiled eggs and coffee for breakfast. I cleaned lots of stuff and selected my lunch which is going to be a bean and cheese burrito and a salad. I also had a snack, beets! I remembered that it is not good to ever feel hungry or starve your body as if your body thinks it is not getting anything, it holds onto the food longer. So I am going to have one or two healthy snacks in between meals. Like beets, green veggies or something like that!

I will post more to Bloggie again real soon!

I have E-mail too if you want to write to me directly

Have the most fabulous day... On Purpose!

Reiki Love, Peace and Joy!

Posted by cheryldickinson at 10:38 AM PST
Updated: Saturday, 7 January 2006 12:03 PM PST

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