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Quit Smoking is the best thing you can do for you!     When I quit smoking it was "The Best Day of my Life!"
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My Quit Smoking Stats on November 12, 2009:

I have been smoke free for:

Seven years, five months, two weeks, one day, 20 hours, 36 minutes and 5 seconds. 81775 cigarettes not smoked, saving $19,789.73. Life saved: 40 weeks, 3 days, 22 hours, 35 minutes.

Hi!   Welcome!!!
If you want to or are even just thinking about quitting smoking this page is for you!  Please feel free to contact me if you would like to talk about your quit smoking desires and journey!  I do not charge you money, so there is no risk involved.  I am just a person in the world who quit smoking and wants to be there for others who have the same desire.  I provide honest and direct advice.  I can take you through your journey step by step, it works!

Many Blessing to you!
Cheryl aka Chez

Hi! I am a quit smoking mentor and worked with many people to help them quit smoking. I decided to add some methods to work on a journey to quit smoking that worked for me and is working for others. It's a work in progress:)


- Make up your mind that you would like to quit smoking!

- Pick a future quit date, I think about 1 month in the future is great.

-Don't wait for a good time, sometimes it's better to quit when you are sick, lost a job, grieving etc.. Because if you can quit during a hard time, you can cope better in the future when hard times come up:)

-Pick your NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy), i.e. Gum, Patch, Wellbutrin etc..

-If you can go see your doctor and tell them your plan, they often can give you great advice or even local support groups.

-Put a post it note or tape a paper on your pack and every time you smoke write it down and one emotion to how you are feeling and when you are smoking. Doing this will help you plan how to deal with triggers when you quit. If you like to smoke after a meal, you will notice this and when you do quit, you will have a new habit to replace it.

-Change your smoking habits, no more smoking in the car or your house. Clean you house and car really well and throw away all ash trays and lighters. Spring clean!!!

-No automatic smoking, smoke only when you can sit and smoke the cigarette with out doing anything. Sit with these and visualize that they are not good for you.

-During your last month smoking, start a journal.

-Tell supportive people you are going to quit and tell them your date. This is a good idea at work incase you get grouchy.

-Each week in your last month cut you smoking habit at least in half or more. Plan to smoke fewer everyday.

-Plan to take up a new hobby the day you quit or even better exercise routine. Light walking, swimming, join a gym or start knitting.

-Make a list in your journal of things you could do after you quit to get over cravings. Here are a few of my favorites: Drink a big glass of water, cry, sleep, scream, have sex, Reiki, cleaning, walk around the block or in place, get on Internet support board and vent or ask for advice, play on computer, write, play with you pet or children, laugh. Craving usually on last a few minutes.

-Be nice to yourself!!! List rewards for yourself for every week you stay quit. It could anything from a massage, an ice cream, dinner out, etc...

-Never stop trying to quit! Think about each step of your journey, I never wanted to have to quit again, that helped me stay focus.

-Get Support is key. Pick several quit smoking mentors, boards, and even see your doctor. I think all smokers are hiding a lot of emotion behind the smoking and it is a roller coaster, but you can manage it and DO IT!!!

We can do this together!  Love & Reiki Blessings *Cheryl*


It was foolish to have started
I don't know why for sure.
I was young and fit and able
Now I only want a cure.

For this habit now it grips me
It holds me in its spell.
This smoky weed I must deny
I never liked the smell.

My lungs are full of badness,
My fingers stained and dark.
Lord, free me from this madness,
This sadness grips my heart.

Let me see a future
When the person I will be
Is a calm and healthy figure
With lungs that are "smoke-free.

And now as I look forward,
I know how well I'll feel.
As I walk a thin line onward,
In God's love and mercy I'll heal.
Autor Unknown


The dove is a symbol of peace, tranquility, love, sharing, friendship and fellowship in faith.                


Where did all that money go $13,256.76?  
My Void Course
A Five Year Ramble
May 28, 2007

I could have never imagined back on May 28, 2002 that I would be sitting 3000 miles across the country sitting down to type up a five year quit smoking ramble.  I honestly do not even know what to write! The five year mark has been a real big deal to me.  For some reason my 1st year and 3rd year were very striking.  Maybe it has to do with odd numbers?  But WOOOHOOO five years ago I quit smoking and it was the BEST day of my life!!!!!!!!  I now believe my lungs are completely healed and I am so happy not to be glued to such an addiction.  I can remember running out of airports to smoke, in and out of security.  Could you imagine now with the security, I most likely would have had heart failure not being able to pass in and out of security whilst I wait at airports!  So yes I would be dead!  I could go on how awful the smell was, how bad it was for my health and let's not forget the cost.  Between Gas and smoking if I still smoked I would have to get a third job!  If the airport did not kill me three jobs would!   Besides all that stuff, do you know what the best thing is to me about quitting smoking?  It is freedom from the addiction and knowing that if I can quit that addiction, I can do anything I set my mind to!  That is right, I set my mind to it and it happened.  Simple?  No not at all, in fact I was reminded of the frenzy, you know that nervous energy when you want to smoke, but know in your heart you quit and you run around your house/life and have stuff half done and forget where you put things and sometimes you get that nervous stomach and fast heartbeat from the oxygen and blood that is now flowing through your body, but instead of realizing it is detoxing from the pollution in your body you slip into the thoughts you are having a panic attack and think you are flipping out?  You know that feeling?  Well I assure you that that really does pass!  Be rest assured it's not a panic attack, you are feeling what it is like not to be intoxicated by chemicals!

So what is the frenzy about?  I recently received a free corner desk/table and it had to be unscrewed into three pieces to fit in my car.  When I finally brought the pieces into the house, I realized I had broken one of the corners.  So I have this desk all up in my office and it is on its third attempt to be glued.   The desk it like a large island in my office, it really has caused disruption in my life.  It seems to have left me off centered, running around with things half done, half projects and cleaning all over my house.  Kitchen half cleaned, house not cleaned, laundry half done and I could go on.  So besides having plans to run errands and meet up for a Reiki session, I have done everything to avoid not only the desk but the house.  So I went out instead!   Well, I was being punished for that, I was overcharged on a sale item at the store, 411 tried to tell me they did not have a listing for something I verified in the phone book, the car shop did not complete me service and something I ordered by mail arrived in a used condition/broken!    Some one told me there was a void course in progress which is some astrology term for a bunch of chaos, well it's true.  When I got home I thought, OMG I have to write my ramble and I realized that five years later I was in the same frenzy I was when I quit smoking.  Mind you this is not my typical state of being, but it was funny how that frantic discombobulating appeared.  Discombobulating is my favorite work btw!   So what I used to do is run around until I got it done and would pass out from exhaustion each night, no time to dream about smoking there.  Today I remembered, smiled and took a deep breath and raced around trying to clean up some of the half done jobs and started to write my ramble.  Deep breathe void course, its just a void course or is it coarse?   But, you know?  I have the least desire to ever smoke again! I am cured!

I am so blessed to have embarked on this path of beating the addiction of smoking.   I have met the most awesome people through Freedom Village and also now my web pages.  I am proudly part of a quit smoking mentoring program which give others trying to quit smoking just someone to talk to and support the journey of quitting smoking.  For all my friends who have supported me endlessly for the past 5 years and all the smokers have quit or are working on there quit, I love and cherish you with every bit of my heart!

No smoking!


Love & Reiki Blessings
Cheryl aka Chez

Five years, 0 minutes and 3 seconds. 54780 cigarettes not smoked, saving $13,256.76. Life saved: 27 weeks, 1 day, 5 hours, 0 minutes. Where did all that money go?

My Five Your Quit Celebration Page
(LYM Bubba James) 5/28/07
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My Lucky Three
My Three Year Ramble

When I started to sit down to write my three year quit smoking ramble, I felt like I was at a loss to what to say.  So I decided to go back and look at my one and two year quit ramble to find something clever and impressive to write!  When I looked back I realized I did not have a two year quit ramble as I was too consumed at the time with moving my household from the east coast to the west coast.  My one year quit ramble is cute, but I feel have healed myself so much more since that time!  

My friends and supporters at Freedom Village have encouraged and inspired me to create a web page dedicated to my journey and also to help others on a path to quit smoking.   Besides finding the perfect three year ramble, I decided that the purpose of this  page is a gift to celebrate my three year quit smoking mark.  I hope that it will grow and I can continue to inspire and help others in their journey to quit smoking.

I consider three my favorite and most lucky number!  So my three year quit date is very special to me.  I do know that I will not ever fall back to smoking.    When I first quit I said "If I live to 80 I am going to start smoking again", but since I have changed my mind.  I consider myself one of those ex-smokers and you know what they say about those, they are the worst.   The smell of cigarette smoke and people who have smoked really bother me.   If I could have only smelled myself I don't think I would have smoked for as long as I did.   On my many attempts to quit smoking for good, like any addiction I used to say Oh I have to work through this or that before I quit smoking.   It always seemed like there was something to keep me from quitting, earthquakes, family crisis, my friends smoke or it was my stressful job.  I can see now that it was just a slow moving and killing crutch to keep me from having to feel any pain.  Not that I walk around in pain now as a non smoker, well sometimes I do .... but I have worked through how to cope without any foreign substance.  They also say most smokers are depressed people hiding behind the smoke, I believe it, I do.   I also believe that quitting smoking is the hardest habit to break away from, but since I did it,  I think anyone can do it.   I also think once you quit smoking for good, you can overcome anything in life.   It takes work and perseverance and support.

One of the main reasons I am convinced I am cured from smoking starts with how I feel.  I feel really good.  I have more energy and no longer have that awful cough.  When I quit smoking my life was devastated by the tragic loss of my best friend at the time.  I picked my friends's favorite date of the year just a few months after her death to quit smoking.  I decided that it was something I could do for myself to honor my friends death.  I am convinced that using a bad time to quit smoking was a good move.  I was already at my lowest and I went even lower than low in the first few months of my quit, but it helped me learn how to cope with lows without smoking.  In the last three years I remained smoke free during deaths, accidents, moving across the country to name a few, so this convinces me I am cured.    I recently realized that most of my friends now are non smokers.  I did not go around saying if you smoke I am not hanging out with you, I still have smoking friends I love, but It just happened most of the people I choose to hang around or new friends don't smoke.  My success in my quit was also contributed to my quit smoking support friends at Freedom Village; learning Reiki Healing, a group of Reiki Healers and one special spiritual advisor, that helped me work through my grief and new coping skills.  All my angels know who you are!

Now I dedicate a good portion of my time helping others by teaching Reiki and giving Reiki sessions/healing circles.   I have also use Reiki and mentore others in their journey to quit smoking.  I think the first most important thing I did and I see others doing to quit smoking for good, is really make up their mind that they want to quit.   I find that once I made up my mind, all the tools and support I needed just fell into place.  It is also important to ask for help, because quitting smoking is easier when you have support!

Finally, I want to show you my before and after photos of my quit journey so far:


(The little girl in this photo is my Beloved Friend Kim's daughter. I asked Nikkii if I stunk when I smoked, she said, "Yeah", I asked her why she did not tell me, she said, "I love you and did not want to hurt your feelings.")


This is for you Bubba as if it were not for you I would know nothing about publishing this site:  A photo of me in a "Pink Tutu" my costume of a recent clown stage performance:


In closing of my perfect three year ramble today, I want to just thank everyone at FV and my spiritual friends for your unconditional love & support in my path!

Love, Blessings and Peace to everyone!

Cheryl aka Chez (5/28/05)

Cheryl's Journey

A One Year Ramble

OMG! Here I am sitting down to write a one-year ramble and I really do not know where to begin. I will approach this with talking about how I feel about my quit now and go backwards. Yeah that’s the ticket.
Well, I recently got back from a business trip and I saw so many smoking people (that is what I call them) shaking the leg and squirming in their chairs waiting for a break to run out of the meetings to make a mad dash outside to smoke. I was so curious that I actually went out in the smoking section and saw these people sucking in on the smokes and chatting to one another about how they were going crazy not having a smoke. I just stood there and smiled, I did not share that I did not smoke, I just had this overwhelming pleasant thought that I am no longer a slave to this! I used to even think that smokers were friendlier and that people that did not smoke were boring.
Well, at this conference of 500 plus people, I found that I was actually missing out on meeting so many other people and really the people who smoke are really much fewer. I did not even talk about smoking or the fact I quit, I just talked about other things and interesting subjects. Just this little trip made me realize that I am not a boring non-smoker I am free!
Oh the list goes on, I saw people racing off airplanes and out of restaurants to go smoke. I could tell who these smoker people were cos’ when they walked in the room, I could smell them! Not only did they reek of smoke, one guy even shared the breath to go along with it, come on buddy eat a mint or something!!!
Besides feeling this newfound freedom from the smoking slave, I woke up one day about a month ago and realized I really do feel better. I do not have that morning cough, any cold or bug goes away much faster and slowly but surely I do not loose my breath as fast going up lots of stairs. Amazing!
If I think back to last March 9, 2002 that is really when it begun. I did try to quit smoking several times from 1989 to 2002, even for 8 months once, but I did not have the sparkle I have now to make it stick. I realize that I can overcome the urge I still get to this day to smoke. I am stronger than this addiction.
Well, on March 9, 2002 I tragically lost my best friend suddenly. After the initial shock of this whole ordeal I was trying to grab on to something I could do to deal with my overwhelming loss.
Somehow, I thought of quitting smoking and even though I was totally not ready at this time, I logged on to BV where I had once been in 1999-2000 to quit smoking and lurked. During this period I selected May 28 to quit as it was my beloved friends favorite day of the year. I thought that would give me something to do and it would be closely connected to my friend.
In April I posted and said I was going to quit and I just went off and smoked my brains off until May 27th at around 10pm I had my last smoke and went to bed! I posted but I also left town the following day to go to conference and visit my family and friends on the West Coast. I think that was my saving grace to get through hell week really. I came home and started to have acupuncture and was chewing the gum. It really did help me tons and I was on the board posting like a mad woman for the first 3 or more months of my quit. I was not only fighting this addiction I was really in a deep grieving for the loss of my friend.
It was the fine people of BV and now on FV that I did not even hurt myself in some pretty dark moments. I had been at my job for almost 12 years and when I told people at the office I was gonna quit, they made comments like "Oh we’ll see." No real support or even asking me "how is your quit". I come home and my dog I know was interested in what I was doing, but she could not talk. The board was the single place that I could come and embrace the love of so many fantastic people that understood me for who I was and what I was going through. These are just words, but for that I feel so blessed and am so grateful.
I now do believe what they say about smokers all really being depressed people hiding behind these chemicals. I was pushing along in my quit and between months two and three I was feeling so lost so dark and so alone that I just cried and cried and cried, well heck I been in tears all year but it was overwhelming.
I tried taking Prozac and Wellbrutrin but I get to many side effects and it makes me feel worse. I realized that I had to do something to make me start learning how to deal with life. Before, smoking did that for me, and I was really walking around in a fog. I prayed a lot and grieved a lot, and over the last three months of my quit, I have been in a deep spiritual search and by the grace of God I have touched my own spirit.
I am not 100% cured of how to deal with life now that I do not have a cloud of smoke following me around any longer, but I can see a light at the end of this tunnel and can cope so much better. I have fewer anxiety attacks, fewer chest pains and I am more relaxed and can socialize with out smoking out of my skin like when I first started my quit. I did this all working part time in a Smokey bar and I contribute my success this far to all my friends in FV! The board and FV friends I have made were the center of my success!!
One last note: If you are reading this and just started, don’t look back! If you are reading this and have been with me on my journey, I love you and you are a true blessing to me… If you are somewhere in-between, keep on path and know that you can overcome this. Post…Post…Post…

God Bless everyone.
Chez (5/28/03)

Feel free to contact me:  Email: or learn more about me and Reiki... visit my home page by clicking on Home above or http:www,

If you would like to have one or more  Quit smoking mentors to connect with in your quit process, this is a free program hosted by Freedom Village.  A small group of former smokers formed a mentor program to add additional circle of support for anyone interested.    <<Click here>>>

Please visit my page often for updates:)



Smoking, like other addictions, has an anaesthetizing effect. It temporarily pushes away feelings. When smokers say, "Smoking helps me concentrate," or "Smoking helps me deal with stress," this is what they are talking about.
Seeking this escape really creates more problems than it solves. While lighting a cigarette may bring the illusion of short term relief, it really just ensures that the problem causing the unhappiness will not get dealt with.
My commitment to stopping smoking is also a commitment to be engaged with life.
Out of the Ashes
Peter & Peggy Holmes

In Memory of Liddie Wilham:
August 15, 1941 - August 29, 2007

Entered Eternal  Rest on August 29, 2007

Liddie was a good friend of Freedom Village and
touched all of us deeply with her warm heart!

We lost a good friend to COPD caused from Smoking
and I recall Liddie saying one day:  Her advice was stop smoking!

Rest In Peace and thanks for being our angel!

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