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Reiki for Pets
Pets can benefit from Reiki treatments just like humans.    I have had wonderful experiences using Reiki to calm my pets and also to help heal a serious accident which left my dog Zizi with completely severed tendants, ligaments and cartilage in her left knee.  I have been able to continue giving Reiki treatments to improve her pain left from arthritis in her legs.   I find with my pets they need shorter treatments and often have immediate relief and are calmer afterwards.

I would be delighted to talk to you if you are interested in learning more about Reiki for your pets or learning the art of Reiki to help your pets chronic conditions.

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Date: Sat Apr 24, 2004 4:06 am
Subject: Reiki is more important than ever!

Hello everyone!
I wanted to share some recent events in my life and how important notonly my Reiki has become, but also how wonderful my Reiki circle has supported me.  

Last Wednesday while my dog was in doggie day care she got out the front door and ran into the street and was hit by a car. She is okay, but completely severed the tendants, ligaments and cartilage in her left knee; her leg was just dangling.

During the crisis on the drive 10 miles up the road to bring her to the vet, I immediately started giving her Reiki.

Well, as you can imagine I was just beside myself and in tears, after leaving her at the vet for observation and more evaluation. After arriving home, I immediately contacted and activated my circle of Prayer and Reiki Remote healing for my dog Zizi and the situation.

The next day, Zizi went in for surgery, Reiki energy was being sent to Zizi and the Vet constantly. The surgery was actually very complicated and not one this vet normally performs. After two hours of waiting, the Vet reports that he himself was very impressed on how wonderfully the procedures went and he feels she has received the best possible chance of recovery for her knee. Let me mention this surgery was half the cost and requirements they wanted to do. Some of her injuries can be self healed and helped with Reiki.

I am happy to report that I brought Zizi home yesterday and she is doing well. I also felt that by not only receiving and giving Reiki, I was also more relaxed and focused during the crisis and coped much better than I may have in the past. The power of the Reiki healing energies and prayers that were pouring in to Zizi and the situation were felt so strongly.

Zizi has a long road in front of her, but now more than ever I feel so blessed to have the wonderful gift of Reiki to help my dog through. She has 6 weeks in a cast and in total 3-month recovery. I'll be doing lots of Reiki.

I will keep you all updated on how my Zizi is doing.
How grateful I am for Reiki, my Reiki Friends and count my blessings!
Angelic Reiki Blessings,
Stamford, CT

UPDATE:  November 11, 2004  Zizi amazed the vet that she was walking on her leg the same day coming home from surgery.  She was doing so well with her poor leg, she decided to run around the house and tripped and broke her other leg.  It could not be put in a cast or she could not walk. Zizi continued Reiki treatments for pain and healing of both her legs. Since that time Zizi traveled in the car in a move back to California and is now 100% recovered with both legs and talking walks on the beach!  She hardly has a limp and still enjoys receiving Reiki for her arthritis.

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