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Reiki for Seniors
Senior citizens carry the wisdom of our life on earth and often are found left with the aches and pains of aging,  loss of spouse or perhaps  not able to care for pets as companions.  Senior citizens who learn Reiki can help themselves and others by using Reiki to ease aches and pains of aging.   My Reiki seniors group is developed to teach seniors how to use the Usui Reiki healing system in a fun group setting.  I also can coordinate free healing circles for Senior Reiki Practitioners  with healers of all ages (ages 4 and up) in a visit to the senior center.   The donation for this class just covers the class materials, remaining donation if any are donated to the senior center.

The blend of using Reiki a light touch hands on healing energy and bringing all ages 4 & up together is a recipe for pure MAGICAL experience!    

Reiki for Seniors cost for donations if available.

 (Will  hold classes at senior centers)

*Once you take a Reiki class you are a Reiki healer and may join in healing groups.

By reservations only
For more information or registration:
E-mail: . or call (650)359-1956