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Reiki for KIDS

Children carry the future on our planet in their hands and are very open and connected to their inner light.  When children learn Reiki it naturally brings out the awareness children already have within them.  This class is designed to teach the children about Reiki energy and healing in a  gentle, fun and interesting way.   The children often feel better about themselves after learning Reiki and  report being happier, calmer, kinder and healthier.  Children will never loose the ability to use Reiki and they can use these skills as a positive foundation for their journey in life on the earth.  I also, invite all Reiki Kids to supervised adult and senior healing circles and also will host healing circles just for children.  

The blend of using Reiki a light touch hands on healing energy and bringing all ages 4 & up together is a recipe for pure MAGICAL experience!    

The Reiki Kids Class format:

* Sensing the energy field
* Reiki 1 Attunement
* Healing with plants, animals and people
*Creative expression through Reiki Art & sounds

 Reiki for Kids cost $60 donation to cover cost (40% sibling discount)
 For ages 4-12, children under 6 must be accompanied by and adult

*All Reiki classes include Reiki Kids manual, art & craft materials and certificate.  Once the children take Reiki they are invited to supervised adult and senior healing circles and special children healing circles.

The Reiki Kids manual and Reiki Kids class format mentioned above was developed by Barbara McKell.  Visit her inspiring Reiki Kids website:

By reservations only
For more information or registration:
E-mail: . or call (650)359-1956

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