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What is Reiki?

Reiki is….

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is an ancient eastern (Japanese) healing technique that enhances your mental, spiritual, emotional and physical well being.   It works on ALL of you. Reiki simply means "Universal life force energy" and employs light touch healing while you are fully clothed.  Reiki is nonabrasive and could not do any harm to you at any level. Reiki does not replace any medical treatments or medicine. Reiki is a supplemental alternative treatments currently used in most hospitals/hospice and promotes relaxation, pain relief and general well being to name very few.  Reiki Healing activates your own ability to heal within.  Many people with chronic conditions benefit from having Reiki healing sessions or learning Reiki.  

Some Benefits of Reiki.....

*Promotes initiation of healing within your body

*Promotes Relaxation

*Promotes Pain Relief

*Helps relieve Stress and Anxiety

*Eases emotional and mental pain

* Prevents dis-ease

* Promotes inner peace and general well being

To name just a very few things Reiki can do for you!

Reiki Sessions
Reiki Classes
Reiki for KIDS
Reiki for Seniors
Reiki Drumming
Reiki for Pets
Remote Healing

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